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Helping you to grow and scale your profitable online business the HSP-friendly way.

Rose Cox has been in the online business world since 1999. First running her own Web Development Business, where she specialised in WordPress from around 2005 onwards.

She then pivoted to train in the Rapid Transformational Therapy method with Marisa Peer in 2018 advancing and deepening her skills in this area with further training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy as well as becoming an ICF-credentialed, Certified Human Potential Coach. Rose is also a CPD-Certified Online Business Consultant and Energy Practitioner.

Combining this very unique blend of skills and experience, Rose founded The HSP Business School so she could help others by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

The program offered through this online learning platform, has been expertly and specifically developed for highly sensitive people, empaths and introverts to create their own profitable online business that aligns with their soul while doing the work that they love.

But most importantly...

who are you?

You are purpose driven and you yearn to succeed in your own online business doing the work that you truly love to do.

You are a highly sensitive person, empath and introvert and you have amazing gifts to share with the world, yet you struggle with the mindset and the technology necessary to confidently step into your own.

You have a deep desire to make a difference while creating abundance in all areas of your life so you can be, do and have all the things that matter most to you, your family and others.

You know you can reach this level of success and you just need some guidance to show you the right way to do this that is sustainable and in alignment with your energy and your soul.

But who should you trust to help?

You've tried other programs before but they haven't worked for you as they were more geared towards extroverted, unethical or pushy strategies that just don't sit with you.
You lack the confidence, self belief and self trust that has come from trying to shoe horn yourself into these strategies that aren't aligned with you.
You're looking for a safe space where you can be yourself and honour your sensitive soul.

You're tired of putting up with things as they are now. You've seen, in the last 2 years, how things can change in the blink of an eye and you've had enough of hanging out on the side lines, waiting for your turn to THRIVE.

That’s where I come in.

At the core of my offers sits my signature framework, Process To Thrive™ which focuses on four key elements that form the steps to your success moving you out of your comfort zone and into your THRIVE ZONE.

 signature framework 

Process To Thrive™

Process To Thrive

Step 1


  • Gain clarity around your deepest desires
  • Uncover your innate gifts and superpowers
  • Embody your authenticity 
  • Step 2


    • Rewire your neural pathways for success
    • Upgrade your beliefs at a subconscious level
    • Create harmony and flow 

    Step 3


    Optimise your time so you step back to being you

    Simplify your technology

    Automate your processes

    Step 4


  • Create your resiliency roadmap
  • Cultivate and maintain your self-care
  • Sustain your long term success with ease and confidence
  • Over the years I have done a lot of work on myself to clear out the limiting beliefs which have plagued me from creating the business I wanted. While the work I’ve done did manage to clear many limiting beliefs, there was always something remaining much deeper which could never be found or resolved.

    Rose has managed, using RTT, to clear out layers of stuff that I’ve been unable to get to before. However, for me the biggest changes have occurred as result of the energy codes which Rose has run on top of the RTT. These energy codes are super subtle and initially I really didn’t think much was happening. But things started gently bubbling up to the surface and clearing.

    The results have been amazing. Things I had previously done to generate leads that worked well for countless others, resulted in “crickets” for me. I’m now doing the same things again and they have started working for me. I’m not exactly sure what happened, why or how and nor do I even care. I’m just grateful to Rose that she’s has been able help me finally start getting results to move my business forward.

    Leonard Hight
    Business Wellbeing Coach

    I came to Rose because although I was very clear on my niche, I couldn’t get traction in my business.

    Through her unconditional love and belief in me and my abilities, she systematically took me through her magic yet very logical system.

    I got even more clear on my unique positioning and what social media channels suited me.

    And for the first time it felt like the Wizard of Oz curtains were being peeled back to reveal the secret ingredients behind every thriving business.

    Sacha Chapman
    Embodied Empowerment Coach and Speaker

    Current Offers

    These are my current offers. If you'd like to find out more about any of these, click through. 

    The HSP Business School
    Business + Mindset Audit

    It has been such a wonderful experience working with Rose.

    She is so professional, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, but most of all, I could tell she had a special gift of meeting someone where they were in their journey.

    Rose walked me through some very intense and emotional sessions and used RTT, and sent me a recording to listen to every day. This was so helpful and I started to feel like my triggers were becoming “duller” and I wasn’t as affected by them.

    I have to say that with all the sessions and coaching, the thing that I found most helpful was Rose’s compassion, love, and wisdom. She saw more in me than I saw in myself, and that was so powerful and life changing for me. This is what makes Rose such a good coach. I started to step into my fears and insecurities of moving forward and she helped me stay on task and focused on what she heard I say I wanted for my life.

    As an HSP, Rose was skilled at recognizing self-sabotage, and would coach me to a place of confidence, motivation, and action. I liked that she held me accountable and would check-in with me with my action steps.

    Being as diverse and knowledgeable as she is, I was able to ask her questions and she provided resources and tools, as needed.

    I feel more focused and confident, and have started on an exciting new endeavour that I have put off for years. I feel like I have shredded the old me and I am very excited for this new part of my journey.

    I would 100% recommend Rose Cox to anyone that is looking for a change through RTT and Coaching. It is so worth the investment!

    Lori Bohning
    Transformational Life Coach
    United States

    Before I started working with Rose, I was in a state of depression. I felt stuck, unhappy and didn't know where to go from where I was. My job was making me miserable but I didn't know how to move forward.

    Over the past six months during my coaching engagement with Rose, so much in my life has changed. I feel more empowered, depression and insecurity are things from the past. I finally had the courage to leave the job that was making me miserable and moved on to a new job. My dream is to start my own business and Rose has not only helped me get rid of the subconscious blocks that were holding me back, she’s given me some great action steps to get closer to reaching my goals.

    I love the way Rose combines healing at a subconscious level with helping you gain insights at a conscious and behavioural level. Rose is extremely intuitive and versatile in all that she offers and combines her coaching, therapy and business talents wonderfully.

    I would recommend Rose to anyone especially if you are a highly sensitive person looking to understand yourself better and be coached by someone who understands you well.

    Hanane Azzouzi
    EFT Coach

    Not sure which is the best fit for you?

    Share your details below so I can assess which may be best aligned for you. I will email you back some suggestions.

    Rose’s passionate, warm, and supportive coaching sessions allowed me to rapidly transform during a very busy transitional time for me.

    I can now confidently meet multiple, complex challenges I’ve been facing, newly empowered in areas where clarity was previously lacking. With this bolstered confidence, I can rapidly move forward after exploring and utilising my own ideas and internal resources, doing so in my own unique way with the support of her powerful questioning.

    Coaching itself can be powerful; and Rose’s nature, expertise and talents allow for a creative, safe space to explore and hone your own unlimited potential. 

    Lisa Sanderson

    Student Tutor and Coach


    Everyone needs Rose in their lives! It is the best investment I have ever made!

    The time with Rose and her insights, wisdom and help has been invaluable in moving me towards two BIG life goals. Big goals that I hadn’t managed to achieve before now and to be honest.. hadn’t come close to achieving but I have now and this is due to Rose!

    My first journey was with RTT and my weight loss and now 34 kilos lighter and finally ‘cracked it’ through the support, guidance and help of Rose. This is a major achievement for me as I have struggled all my life with my weight and with Rose, I haven’t only managed to take the weight off but also have kept the weight off!

    I am now working with Rose to get my business off the ground and her coaching sessions are invaluable. I keep using the word ‘genius’ during our coaching sessions when Rose shares a suggestion or an insight. Rose’s help has moved my little business forward to a place it wouldn’t be if not for the coaching sessions.

    Once you are under Rose’s wing you can really and truly fly!

    Debbie Walker

    Energy Healer


    I had a series of coaching sessions with Rose as I was approaching what I knew would be a very challenging time in my business.

    Rose worked with me to tap into my own resources and find solutions and strategies that worked for me, keeping me accountable to my own promises.

    Her coaching was an immensely helpful support that got me through this challenging time.

    Bridgit Hawkins


    New Zealand