Understanding your mind and how hypnosis can help

Watch this video to find out more about how Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy can help you and how your subconscious mind works.

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Some of the things RTT can help you with:

  • Anxiety


  • Relationships


  • Fertility


  • Addictions


  • Depression


  • Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

Rapid Transformational Therapy Testimonials

  • Rose is a wonderful therapist, efficient, warm, caring and professional. I wanted to have a session with her because I had a hysterectomy operation early this year, I wanted to pre-empt before menopausal symptoms come around.

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  • I worked with Rose on my body muscle imbalance problem. There was a great emotional release and insights during this session. If you have a body or emotional unresolved issue, I recommend you to let Rose help you find a solution with an RTT session.

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  • Rose had helped me tremendously! I needed help with weight loss and being able to take pictures of myself again. As of today, I released 11 lbs since my RTT session. I felt the transformation immediately! Rose helped me regain my power and be confident again about myself.

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  • I had an RTT session with Rose about 6 weeks ago. The session was amazing and gave me some immediate results in confidence. I listened to the audio for more than 21 days, because it was so good and so helpful to me.

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  • What an amazing session it was with Rose, she is so intuitive, such a skilful therapist. The session gave me so much clarity and understanding of the cause of the fears and blockages and cleared them. I feel excited to move forward. I have clarity about my business and the fears have just melted away.

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  • I desperately needed the push to stop procrastinating and putting things off. Since our session I have actually moved forward and stopped finding excuses and I'm getting things done. I was so stressed and the weight feels like it's been lifted. It was exactly the push I needed.

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  • Rose is a wonderful RTT therapist with a warm heart and a soothing presence. I love how much she cares and goes the extra mile to make sure the session is a success! I love how she radiates health and wellness and really walks her talk!

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  • It hasn't been easy but I have not had a cigarette for over a month now and am feeling very grateful to Rose. Thank you Rose for having faith in me when I didn't.

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  • After the session I had greater clarity about the problem I was facing and understood when as well as the reason why I created these beliefs. This has helped me become calm and more confident.

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  • Since my session with Rose I feel I’ve been moving forward so much more easily and am freer to tackle any challenges. If you want rapid change, I highly recommend Rose to get you there!

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  • I was skeptical about whether one session would really make a difference but it did!! If you desire powerful transformation and to live the life full of joy, book a session with Rose.

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  • I had no motivation to do anything, so started with Rose to get me walking every day. Not only am I walking every day, within a week of my session I had bought a property, something I have wanted to do for years!! Thanks Rose, great job

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  • I just want to thank you, Rose for the RTT session you did for me and the follow up recording for me to integrate the changes. The session with Rose has allowed me to move through a deeper state of childhood trauma in which I thought I had healed.

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    Emma Nally
  • Prior to our RTT session I had been suffering constant menstrual bleeding for two months and I wanted this to cease or slow down to a regular cycle. This was on the background of having the Mirena inserted after experiencing endometrial hyperplasia.

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  • I would recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy to everyone who is serious about changing a destructive habit that is potentially making them sick or feel unwell or that is blocking you from reaching your potential in life. If you are motivated to change then this therapy is the catalyst to move you forward.

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  • My challenge before my RTT session with Rose was I was constantly getting sick and feeling generally unhappy. After my session with Rose I felt calm and relaxed and noticed in the days following I felt so much happier. It's been over 4 weeks since my session and I haven't been sick at all.

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  • I just want to say, thank you so much for your session the other night. I had a really great sleep last night and I feel fantastic today. I'm really feeling so positive today and more dynamic and on fire!

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  • Having the session with Rose was very relaxing and enjoyable. Rose is very caring and compassionate and not only gently guided me through the session with her, but also followed up in the days and weeks afterwards to find out how I was progressing. This has been an amazing and positive experience for me.

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  • I did a session with Rose in December when I needed to pass an important exam. The work Rose did in helping me focus on passing the exam was excellent. The recording Rose gave was a big help and definitely was part of the reason I did well and passed my exam. Rose is a very competent RTT therapist.

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